The Best Flower Garden Trees For Using in Small Spaces
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Trees and Shrubs have always been extremely popular for use in larger gardens where they can grow to full size and look absolutely wonderful. When we take a look at our own residential gardens they are often pretty Small Spaces and our choice of Trees and Shrubs is therefore limited.


Landscaping Trees


Choosing the most suitable Trees and Shrubs for Small Spaces requires a little learning. You should take a large amount of care when choosing any kind of plant for your garden but when it comes to Trees and Shrubs even more care is required.


Commonly it is best to choose Trees and Shrubs that are not likely to exceed a height of about 6m (20ft) in height. If your are planning to plant a tree or shrub close to your house then you should really choose even smaller] Trees and Shrubs because roots can create problems with your branches and twigs can grow to overshadow windows or doorways. An even worse situation would be if the Trees and Shrubs were to grow such long branches that they could push against walls or overhanging roofs to such a degree that it caused structural damage.


When deciding where, in your small garden, you will be growing your Trees and Shrubs you will have to take special notice of the immediate area taking special note of any overhanging wires or anything else that encroaches upon the area in which your plant will eventually grow, remembering that you should allow for about 6m (20ft) in height.


Another factor to keep in mind is your neighbor. If you will be growing Trees and Shrubs along a {spin]garden| partitioning[/spin] fence you will need to think of the fact that it is more than likely that the branches will overhang into his/her space. Not only should you consider the branches you need to consider the roots of the plant which will, most likely grow much further and could possibly create damage.


Trees and Shrubs grown in Small Spaces can often become a problem with a neighbor when the Trees and Shrubs become too big and block out the light from his or her garden or window. This type of nuisance often leads to legal action between neighbors and many areas have bye-laws which disallow the planting of certain types of tree. It is well worth checking first before you plant any Trees and Shrubs.


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