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“Let us design your special day in a beautiful setting where you can celebrate your special event or realize your wedding dreams come true


Working with our sister company, “Enchanted Parties” we can make your dreams come true!!


“If you can imagine it, we can make it happen”



By their very nature these activities invite participants to enjoy something different as they reach out of the box to conquer new, varied and exciting challenges. The organized challenges can be simple team games, they can be a series of Interactive Psychophysical Challenges to include Team Rallies, Mystery Challenges to be solved by teams, Electronic Polling, Team Vegas Challenges, FUNKY or serious Olympic challenges and many interesting combinations of challenges. These can be designed to meet any corporate or interpersonal goals.


UME, The Team Building Professionals:

“The ultimate success of any company or group is only as good as the teams that work with and for them.”


Strategic planners too often ignore the fact that many organizations are just really a collection of people, driven more by emotions, feelings and a need to serve others more than by reason or logic. Team building experts direct the emotions and feelings and create an atmosphere of performing for the greater good, and being part of a team effort.


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