Caring For Trees in Small Spaces
Posted on: April 9, 2017, by : FlowerDeliveryDublin



Once you have picked which Trees and Shrubs you are going to plant in your garden you will be required learn a little about Tree Care and especially for the species of tree or shrub you are planting. It is immensely important that, in the case of grafted Trees and Shrubs you watch closely for small branches which may develop below the grafting point as these will be of a different type of tree or shrub (the same species as the rootstock) and, in the case of miniature trees and shrubs, these can sometimes be much larger and longer than the main plant.


Pruning your Trees and Shrubs should be done very carefully and you should never, under any conditions should you lop off the top of a tree just to keep them short. Lopping off the tops of Trees and Shrubs can cause deadly damage. You should always follow the correct directions when pruning small trees as they can sometimes be more open infection. All Trees and Shrubs look best when their shape is natural, unless you are doing topiary.

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