Ask About Our Psychophysical Building Programs
Posted on: April 9, 2017, by : FlowerDeliveryDublin


These programs can be presented as a short program as part of an educational convention. They may also become part of company picnic or be presented as a stand-alone Team Building program on site at the company headquarters, a hotel, an area park or a retreat at a compound designed for the program our unique ongoing approach to teambuilding means success.


What Makes Your Event Special & Memorable?

Imagination and the desire to create an event that makes a point, makes our guests happy to have attended and will be remembered as a success. The successful event employs the “Power of Three”. An event or party is like a 3-act play; it must have a great beginning, an exciting middle that carries you through to a meaningful if not memorable ending. Every event must have the 3 major elements of Delicious Food, Beautiful Dacor and Delightful Entertainment all created in balance. When, where and why you are hosting this event adds to the event direction and to the themes that may be employed to help punctuate the event.


Themes Many Have Enjoyed:

Themes give life to an event; they give focus to the dacor, drive the selection of entertainment and invite creativity in selecting the menu.


The ’20’s to the ’90’s * The New Millennium * The Magic Of Vegas Nite * Tropical Island Paradise *Carnival Circus * Western * Murder Mystery * Sports * Jungle * Olympics * Murphy’s Law * Game Show Hi Tech * Game Show * Virtual Reality * Remember…”If you can imagine it, we can make it happen”

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